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Card overview: Services

The Mercedes ServiceCard, exclusively for Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and transporters.


MercedesServiceCard mit Full Service Leistungen

Diesel Service

Toll Service

Tunnel and Bridge Service

Ferry Service

Combined Transport Service

Cleaning Service

Parking Service

Tax Service

Service24h (Breakdown Service)

Garage Service

Flat tyre Service

Hire Service

Invoice Service

Do you have a bus or a mixed vehicle fleet and want to provide it with a fuel or service card?

We have the solution for this, as well:

The UTA Full Service Card for additional commercial vehicles.
Further information www.uta.com

UTA Full Service Card

The OMNIplus Premium ServiceCard exclusively for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses from EvoBus.
Further information www.omniplus.com

OMNIplus Premium ServiceCard