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Acceptance by over 2,200 service partners in about 40 countries in Europe.

Fast help
in the event of a breakdown

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Simple handling
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Card acceptance in Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,  Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Northern Macedonia (OSC), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

Mobility around the clock

If you are travelling in Europe, things have to happen quickly in the event of a breakdown. A foreign workshop, language problems abroad or missing cash - no problem with the Mercedes ServiceCard! And what's more: with the card, the processing fee is waived in the Mercedes-Benz Service24h partner network.

Pay for workshop services without cash

You can handle necessary maintenance, repairs or the purchase of replacement parts, especially on long trips abroad, without cash using the card. The purchase of safety-relevant materials, lubricants and operating fluids is also covered by the ServiceCard.


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additional advantages.

collective invoices minimise your administrative effort

Accurate customer data is a prerequisite for correct invoicing. When you use the card, you will receive a cost statement every 14 days. All services purchased with your card are billed centrally. 

Special agreements and service contracts with Daimler Truck are also taken into account. 


What if there are discrepancies in an invoice?

We relieve you of this administrative burden after a tour. We take care of the clarification of your complaint with the workshop carrying out the work.


A significant advantage for you and your drivers: there is no need to carry cash in different currencies.
Billing for services is simple and straightforward: cashless with the service card.

This is how we support you in case of a breakdown...

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Your driver reports a breakdown to the Mercedes-Benz Service24h Hotline.  

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Your card data is automatically available to the emergency service centre. In this way, immediate authorisation can take place.

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Thanks to this payment protection, the roadside assistance mechanic can head out immediately and provide help.

frequently asked questions.

What happens if I use my card to pay my breakdown or workshop bill?

When using the card your invoice address and accompanying information such as the VAT ID are automatically transmitted to the workshop carrying out the work. Best conditions for correct invoicing - and you getting back on the road quickly. The workshop issues the invoice to your company and sends the original invoice to the billing partner. You will then receive a (collective) invoice every 14 days for the workshop services provided and pay this amount directly to the billing partner.

I have a breakdown. What do I do if I do not possess a Mercedes ServiceCard?

Mercedes-Benz Service24h is always at your side in the event of a breakdown - whether with or without ServiceCard. A service fee of €80 (net) is charged per breakdown. This fee is waived for owners of a Mercedes ServiceCard within the Mercedes-Benz service network.

I have concluded a Mercedes-Benz service contract. Do I still need a ServiceCard?

We also recommend using the free Mercedes ServiceCard if you obtain additional services from Daimler Truck or have concluded additional contracts. In the event of a breakdown in particular, there are services that are not covered by the contract content.

Do I need a service card for each vehicle? Does my driver have to show the card to the workshop?

You decide how many cards you want to order for your fleet. In principle, one service card per customer is sufficient. In the event of a breakdown or when using workshop services, it is sufficient to provide the card number in order to identify you as a customer. The card and customer data stored in the system are automatically available to the emergency service centre or the repair workshop.

Can I also pay for fuel and tolls with the service card?

The service card is for free use in the Mercedes-Benz Service24h and workshop network. With the upgrade to a fuel card, you can also refuel and pay tolls without cash. Request your non-binding offer here.


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