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Frequently asked questions.

Can I use the card throughout Europe? 

The free ServiceCard can be used nationwide, nationally and throughout Europe on your runs at authorised Mercedes-Benz partners in almost 40 countries*. It facilitates on-the-go services especially when you have a breakdown or workshop visit outside your home dealer network.

*Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Northern Macedonia (OSC), Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Is applying for and using the Mercedes ServiceCard really free of charge?

Yes The ServiceCard is available to you free of charge. No fees are charged for the use of the card either.

With the fuel card, customer-specific surcharges apply for refuelling and additional services. You can request these from the UTA Customer Service (+49 6027 509-660). UTA is our processing partner and provider of the fuel card with additional services.

I already possess a Mercedes ServiceCard. How can I also use the card for refuelling and tolls in future? 

A prerequisite for the use of refuelling and additional services is a contract with our partner UTA. Request your offer for a fuel card right here. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities for an individual service package.

What requirements do I have to fulfil to apply for the service card? 

As a commercial vehicle customer, you must have at least one Mercedes-Benz truck in your fleet. Apply for your free service card right here.

What happens after the application is submitted? 

After receipt of the completed and signed application, the data will be checked. Correct data entry is important for correct invoicing. Cards are usually issued and sent to you within a few working days.

How long will it take before I can use the card for cashless payments on the road?

As soon as we receive the signed card application, the card will be sent within a few working days. In case of missing data and need for clarification, this will be delayed accordingly. If you need to use the card before you receive it, please contact our Customer Service.

Our company data is incorrect/has changed. What can I do?

Use our online contact form on this page to notify us of your changes. Please be sure to state your customer number so that your data can be clearly assigned.

Do the invoice recipient and vehicle owner have to be identical? 

No. However, if the vehicle owner differs from the invoice recipient, this information must be provided in the application. The signature of the different vehicle owner is also required in the card application.

How can I apply for a new or additional card(s)? 

Simply use our online contact form on this page. Please be sure to include your customer number.

I had to have my ServiceCard locked for security reasons (loss/theft). Are the services on the road nevertheless ensured? Will I automatically receive a new card?

We will automatically send you a new card if you had to have your card locked. Of course, your services on the road are also ensured in the meantime:

  • You possess several ServiceCards: In the event of a breakdown, simply enter the card details of one of your other valid service cards, provided only one of several cards has been locked.
  • You only possess one ServiceCard: No authorisation can be created for the locked customer number. In the event of a breakdown, please contact our Customer Service. Together we will look for a quick solution. This way you will be helped immediately even without a temporarily valid service card.

Can someone else use my card if it has been stolen?  

No. The card can only be used if the vehicle owner matches the card holder. In the event of theft, please still have your card locked immediately via our 24-hour emergency call to lock cards +49 6027 509-666.

When and how often will I receive an invoice for my workshop services and/or additional services?

Whenever you use your ServiceCard, UTA creates your billing documents / collective invoice on the 15th day and at the end of the month.

Why do I receive several documents in the statement? 

UTA's billing records are composed of the following documents:

  • Total amount sheet: shows the total amount to be transferred to UTA incl. UTA invoice number and bank details. If you have opted for the SEPA mandate, UTA will debit the total amount listed there from your account.
  • Line item statement: overview of services purchased 
  • Invoice: only relevant for fuel customers and non-MSC customers 
    The additionally attached workshop invoices (original receipts) are your tax-relevant receipts.

Why do I have to pay UTA and not the workshop directly? 

UTA is our card processing partner and your contractual partner. The workshop sends the invoice for services rendered to UTA for forwarding to you. UTA settles the invoice to the workshop and you pay UTA. If you use the card, you will receive a collective invoice from UTA every 14 days. The amount to be paid in each case can be found on the total amount sheet. The enclosed workshop invoices made out to you are your tax-relevant receipts.

What do I have to do if I have paid the invoice to the workshop and not to UTA?

Write us a message using the complaint form below.
We will then create a complaint and take care of an adjustment posting by the workshop. 

Can I view my invoice(s) online?

This is currently not yet possible for owners of a service card. Owners of a fuel card can view their UTA collective billing receipts online in the exclusive area.

I already have a Mercedes ServiceCard. Why was I charged a €80 service fee for the breakdown service? 

As a Mercedes ServiceCard customer, the €80 fee is usually waived in the event of a breakdown. In rare cases, there may be transmission problems with the breakdown notification by telephone. Contact our Customer Service using the complaint form. Our team will review the case and work to resolve it quickly.

My invoice is wrong. What do I have to do? (e.g. wrong company name/address, missing receipt)

Please use the complaint form below and inform us of your concern, stating the customer and invoice number. We will take care of quick clarification.


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